Levin-Tarlton House Move SUCCESS

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The Levin-Tarlton House (c. 1914), a Capital Area Preservation easement property, was successfully moved from its old location at 208 N. Harrington Street to 414 New Bern Avenue on Saturday, February 20, 2016! Please see the below link for video and the story.

100+ Year-Old Historic Home Moved Through Downtown Raleigh

This Neoclassical Revival frame two-story house was built for Julius and Martha Levin around 1914. The Levins were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Julius was a music teacher and their two sons were both musicians. Their personal house was located on the corner of Harrington Street and E. Jones Street. The House at 208 N. Harrington Street was constructed by the Levins on the back of their lot.┬áThe house is among the last of Raleigh’s side-hall-plan houses and contains exceptional Neoclassical Revival details throughout.

Mr. Samuel Tarlton approached CAP in the late 1990s regarding his desire to save and rehabilitate the Levin House at 208 N. Harrington Street. CAP fully supported his efforts and was integral to saving and restoring the house, for which Mr. Tarlton received CAP’s prestigious Anthemion Award in 2002.

Fast forward to 2015. The whole block on which the Levin-Tarlton House was located was slated for redevelopment. CAP began working diligently with the developer to find and purchase a suitable and appropriate lot in Historic Oakwood for its relocation. CAP ultimately found and selected a city-owned lot at 414 New Bern Avenue and negotiated with the City of Raleigh for its purchase. CAP acquired the lot by deed from the City of Raleigh on January 12, 2016 and immediately resold it to New Bern Avenue, LLC with a historic preservation easement and rehabilitation agreement.

Jason Queen of Monarch Property Co. is managing the move and rehabilitation at the new site for the owners.

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    How much did this move cost?

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