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The George Upchurch House is the older of two houses built by brothers in the late 19th century. The house features a triple-A roof, exterior rear brick chimneys, and Victorian details including a wraparound porch, fishscale shingles in the gables, and original front door with rounded glazed panels. Interior details include wood flooring, wood sheathing throughout, chevron patterned sheathing in entrance hall, historic floor plan and original mantels.

The history of this house begins when George Upchurch (born 1870) purchased 67 acres for $1,200 from his parents William B. and Sally Upchurch and two other nearby tracts in 1894, about a year after his marriage. His brother Rufus Merrimon Upchuch bought an adjoining 128 acres from his parents for $800 in 1896. Despite the severe economic hardships following the depression of 1893, these two brothers were able to build substantial residences on their small farms by following in their father’s footsteps and growing the lucrative and increasingly popular bright leaf tobacco.

The move became necessary after Standard Pacific Homes of the Carolinas, LLC purchased the original tract for a townhome development. In order to preserve the house, Standard Pacific donated the house and a tract across the road from the original site to Capital Area Preservation, Inc (CAP). CAP stabilized the house on the new site and is offering it for sale with a preservation easement and rehabilitation agreement. The house is currently listed on the National Register Study List.














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